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Friendship Park is in Friendship Village just below the Hydroelectric Dam that regulates the water levels for Friendship Lake which is fed by both Fordham Creek and Little Roche A Cri Creek.  After the hydro dam is a small pooling area the water is held before is turns back into Little Roche-A-Cri Creek trout stream.  There’s a newer arched walking bridge that suspends over the creek giving access from one side of Friendship Park to the other just north of the winter sledding hill. On this side of the park you will find a small wildlife pond used mostly by Birds, Frogs and Turtles. wildlife pond on this side of the park used by the local mostly birds, frogs and turtles. 

Friendship Park, WI.

Friendship Park located in Adams County, Wisconsin offers a nice genuine park like setting with a view of Friendship Mound.   It features sand volleyball courts, barbeque grills, a large picnic pavilion for outdoor parties which you can get reserve and plenty of playground equipment for the kids like swings, slides and a merry-go-round.  So if you want to spend a nice quiet day with the family trout fishing, picnicing and playing a little sand volleyball or pushing your son or daughter on the merry go round, put Friendship Park on your agenda.

After Friendship Lake, Little Roche-A-Cri Creek flows to the southwest and ending into Castle Rock Lake on Adams County's western border.

Pictures & Photos of Friendship Park

Friendship Sign / Winter Photo

Winter Photo - Friendship Park Sign

Friendship Bridge, Wisconisn

Friendship Bridge, Wisconsin

Park Bench by Huge Trees

Park Bench

Grills for Barbeques (BBQ's)

Grills for Barbaques

Spring Picture by Creek

Spring Picture by the Creek

Photo of Friendship Dam

Friendship Hydro Dam

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